No mountain is too high for us…


No mountain is too high for us…

Heikki and his expedition climbed the following route to Mont Blanc: Traversée Miage - Bionnassay - Mt Blanc, from 3.8.-7.8.2018. The expedition consisted of a group of four people. Remarkable about their expedition is the fact, that no guide participated in their adventure. Heikki and his friends just bought some necessary gear from the village and started to climb their sought out route.

The long passage leading to Mont Blanc allows a complete immersion into altitude within 3 days and is one of the best ways to reach the Rooftop of Europe. A wild and aerial atmosphere greeted them, arriving at Consrits Hut in Val Montjoie after a day of climbing. Followed by two consecutive days in altitude, on the thin ridges of Dômes de Miage and Aiguille of Bionnassay.

A great altitude course, it might even look like climbing the high Himalayan peaks and passes (the photo is taken from Bionnassay).

The first day, when they started to climb at an altitude of 1000 m, temperatures were at about 32°C degrees. They reached the snow line on the first evening already and the climate change was dramatic.  

Normally they would climb for 16 hours during the days, starting their day at about 3 a.m. because of steady weather conditions and stopped late in the evening. The only reason for stopping was to fill up their energy supply for the coming day. The slope was very challenging and very slippery especially in the afternoon. Finally, three out of four members reached the mountain peak of Mont Blanc.

Heikki, in his humble way, says next time they will take a little more gear with them. 

Ready for the next challenges!