Kö Bow, Düsseldorf



Zechbau GmbH

Scope of work:

Surveying and inspection of the glass façade using multiplexers and data loggers.

General information:

Because of the particularities of the Kö Bow, spanning a very wide distance and featuring different foundation types, the deformation values in the shell construction exceeded the typical dimensions in an element façade. In order to fulfil these requirements, it was considered when planning the façade that each individual façade element could be adjusted later, depending on the deformation values. Measurement points for monitoring: Approximately 90 vertical measuring chains with a total of 375 automatic measuring points and 90 terrestrial measurement points were installed.


Trimble 4D Control Software

The Trimble T4D Control Software is the central point for collecting, evaluating, alerting and logging all measurement data. The T4D software collates all the measurement data from the displacement transducer and additional sensors via the data logger. All data is connected online to the server that the T4D software runs on. The software checks whether the incoming values exceed the threshold values and sends alerts if necessary via email and/or SMS to predefined recipients. All of the data is logged in a database. What is more, the software offers real-time access to measurement and system information for various people and groups. It can display time series in charts, sensor surveys specific to each client, system status information and other graphical and numerical evaluations.