Tailor-made solutions for formwork and scaffolding

The Formwork Competence Center has a solution to any formwork problem and our practically-minded team will readily take on any challenge.

From estimation to completion of the shell, we provide our service in full knowledge of how enormously important it is for operations on the construction site to be thoroughly organised and performed to schedule.

The benefits for you:

  • Construction management support
  • The right formwork for any application
  • Time, space and cost savings through project-specific pre-assembly
  • No interface problems – everything from a single source
  • Schedule and cost security
  • Invoicing according to site measurements and items in the bill of quantities, including transport, planning and cleaning
  • Competent contact partners


System formwork

With over 20,000 m² of the most common formwork systems from all the leading German manufacturers, we offer the optimum solution for all construction projects. Our experienced team based at the Technical Office is equipped with the right software programs and provides an economical construction management and secure cost control.

Custom formwork

We have a skilled and experienced team to produce custom formwork, which allows us to implement even the most grandiose of architectural ideas. Together with the Technical Service, site foremen and our troops at the joinery workshop, manufacturing facility and the metalworks, we can offer a solution for any situation that arises during the construction process. And at the heart of this is an economical construction management and secure cost control.


With 1,000 tonnes of scaffolding systems from all the leading German manufacturers and the experienced team at the Technical Office, plus our assembly specialists, we provide a contemporary and cost-effective solution for each technique and every requirement in the construction industry in compliance with DIN, in a manner that is both economical and suitable for the situation:

  • Falsework and formwork scaffold
  • Ceiling scaffold
  • Working scaffold
  • Bricklayer's scaffold
  • Protective scaffold