Quarter 2 Project – Rondo, Vienna

Vienna, Austria


In the heart of Vienna in the immediate vicinity of the "Green Prater" recreational area, Heitkamp is building an exclusive apartment complex in the second quarter of the development project.

The project was drawn up by the reputable Atelier Thomas Pucher and comprises 201 "high class" freehold apartments, housed in seven different high-rise towers.

144 underground parking spaces can be found in the basement, which stretches across the full construction site, measuring approx. 12,000 m². The project also includes an ambitious design for the outside area, which can also be used by the integrated nursery school.

The distinguishing feature of the building is its precast parapets made from exposed concrete in various shades of grey and sand, which give the project a unique appearance.

Due to the local conditions in the region of the Danube, the building excavation is secured with sheet pile walls and subjected to drainage measures until safety from buoyancy has been achieved.

Taking into account the tight construction schedule, the framework conditions and the architecture, this is a very challenging project, which will cost more than 41 million euros. 


IC Projektentwicklung GmbH

Construction timeframe

11/2015 – 07/2017


Atelier Thomas Pucher