Kaltenkirchen Railway

Kaltenkirchen, Germany


Trough construction for railway

The purpose of lowering the railway line in the centre of Kaltenkirchen was to create new advertising space and remove two extremely busy level crossings.

The central platform is accessed via two access structures, where an architecturally designed, elliptic ceiling opening was created.

  • Intersecting bored pile wall: 8,000 m2
  • Slotted wall: 4,700 m2
  • Sealing wall: 2,200 m2
  • Underwater concrete base: 9,000 m2
  • Excavation: 115,999 m3
  • Concrete: 25,000 m3
  • Steel: 4,500 t

Underwater excavation, back-anchored underwater concrete base, construction under existing railway infrastructure.


AKN Eisenbahn AG, Kaltenkirchen