Slab Track / Railway Engineering

Together with its sister companies, Heitkamp undertakes railways projects in Germany and across Europe. Our core competence lies in the construction of custom railway lines, such as slab track and mass-spring systems, conventional track construction and maintenance and repair work.

For railways that must be able to meet the high demands imposed by speeds and loads, as well as track maintenance, slab tracks represent the state of the art. In order to meet the demands of contemporary rail systems, we are able to construct slab track systems – for tramways and underground and overground metro lines, as well as for high-speed and freight lines.

This also results in less vibration and noise in rail transport, which is an objective that constantly drives our engineers to produce new technical solutions. We therefore also build mass-spring systems with special bearings to dampen track vibrations – thereby enhancing the quality of life for local residents.

We undertake our projects in a variety of countries – wherever a railway network is required to fulfil high and complex demands in terms of usage and construction. In Switzerland, for example, we and our construction partners are currently installing a slab track system for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, whilst also supporting our client as a technical consultant and project manager.


  • Slab tracks
  • Mass-spring systems
  • Conventional track construction
  • Maintenance and repair work