Tunnel Construction

When it comes to tunnel construction, as part of conventional infrastructure construction, we are not only able to provide technical expertise, but also many years of experience in conventional as well as mechanical tunnel excavation projects.

As a national and international business unit, we bring our commitment and expertise to tunnel projects such as the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the Denkendorf Tunnel, making Heitkamp a recognised tunnelling expert.

Together with our highly specialised units at Renaissance Construction AG, we have the capability to develop integrated and intelligent solutions for tunnel construction that forms part of major infrastructural projects. Thanks to our reference projects we have many years of extensive experience in both mechanical and conventional tunnelling and are involved in all aspects of underground construction.

Expertise from tradition – Future through innovation. Regardless of whether you bring us on board as a general contractor or as a subcontractor for specific performance areas, we take a more holistic view of tasks in order to deliver the maximum benefit for the client in all phases of the project.


  • Machine tunnelling through hard rock
  • Machine tunnelling through loose rock
  • Excavation and milling tunnelling
  • Blasting
  • Compressed air tunnelling
  • Cavern construction
  • Shaft construction
  • Inner shell works