BV Hellbach and Breuskes Mühlenbach construction lot 5

Herne/Recklinhausen, Germany


The civil engineering and industrial building branch in Herne was awarded the contract for sewer construction measures in construction lot 5 of Emschergenossenschaft (water management cooperative) in Herne/Recklinghausen in April 2012. The contract, which is part of the Emscher reconstruction, is entirely within the competence of Emschergenossenschaft with seat in Essen. The sewer system consists of reinforced concrete pipes with a circular cross-section and is manufactured in 3 advancing sections. In an additional advancing section DN2000, the overflow channel with connection to the Emscher river is built. For the sewer sections in the inflow and discharge of the overflow structure (settling section and sludge trap), the pipe sizes of DN3200 are used, which are produced in closed procedure. The required shaft structures as diversion structures, drop structures or access and ventilation structures are built from in-situ concrete, likewise as the special structures, such as the regulating and overflow structures.


Emschergenossenschaft, Essen


Grontmij, Cologne

Construction time:

2012 - 2013