Civil Engineering Department

Every construction project is one of a kind.

In addition to the efficient organisation of construction processes, comprehensive planning and engineering services are performed both prior to and during construction, so as to identify the ideal solutions in technical, environmental and economic terms.

Your project's success is at the forefront of our minds during all of our considerations. From the detailed basic evaluation, design and construction planning and site supervision, to documentation of the design, we are well placed to offer effective, cost-efficient solutions.

Decades of experience in structural and civil Civil Engineering Construction, and power plant and cooling tower construction, as well as measures to improve infrastructure, are what help our Civil Engineering Department staff to stand out as a cutting-edge consultation and planning team.

When it comes to planning coordination services, project management and expert opinions, our specialists are right there for you.

  • Specialist structural engineering planning (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers Level 4)
  • Structural calculations
  • Formwork and reinforcement drawings
  • Project planning (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers Level 3)
  • Elaboration of custom proposals
  • Plausibility check of structural tender contents
  • Planning management incl. plan verification
  • Quantity surveying of the shell of the building